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Restoration Mate is your 24-hour emergency response cleanup service in Toronto. We work directly with your insurance company to ensure you get the most out of your claim.

As the leading restoration company in Toronto, Restoration Mate brings to the table 15+ years of experience in restoring homes and businesses affected by unforeseen events. We specialize in dealing with fire, water, mold, and storm damage, working diligently to restore your property to its original state. With over 1000 successful restoration projects under our belt, our reputation as a reliable damage restoration company is unchallenged in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

We pride ourselves on being a full-service professional restoration services provider. Our team is available around the clock to respond swiftly to any emergency, ensuring the damage to your property is minimized and restoration begins promptly. We’re committed to delivering top-notch quality, making us the go-to resource for countless homeowners and commercial property owners seeking reliable, swift, and professional restoration services in Toronto.

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Emergency Restoration Services

When disaster strikes, time is of the essence. At Restoration Mate, we understand this urgency, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency restoration services for both residential and commercial properties in Toronto and the GTA.

Our professional restoration team is on standby, ready to provide an immediate response when you need it most. With extensive management experience to handle all types of emergency restoration, we act swiftly to minimize further damage and initiate the restoration process.

Each emergency restoration project is overseen by a dedicated project manager, ensuring smooth coordination and execution of tasks. They will keep you informed throughout the process, addressing your concerns and providing updates.

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Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can be devastating, causing significant destruction to your property. Whether it’s due to flooding, leaks, or a burst pipe, water damage needs immediate and professional attention to prevent further complications. At Restoration Mate, we have honed our skills over the years to provide comprehensive water damage restoration services in Toronto.

Our process begins with a thorough assessment of the extent of the water damage. We employ cutting-edge techniques and equipment to ensure effective removal of water and moisture, mitigating the risk of mold growth and structural instability. From drying and dehumidifying to sanitizing and restoring, we take care of every aspect of water damage restoration.

Our expertise in water damage restoration ensures the restoration work is completed swiftly and efficiently. You can trust Restoration Mate to restore your water-damaged property to its pre-loss condition, allowing you to get back to normal life as quickly as possible.

Mold Removal & Mold Testing

Restoration Mate is not just a leading restoration company in Toronto; we are also your trusted partner in mold removal and mold testing. Molds can be a silent invader, slowly creeping into your home or business unnoticed until it’s a major problem. When you suspect mold growth, immediate action is necessary to ensure the safety and health of your property’s occupants.

We offer comprehensive mold inspection services, using state-of-the-art equipment to identify the extent and type of mold present. We assess your property thoroughly to locate any visible and hidden mold, ensuring no area is left unchecked.

Once mold is identified, our professional team performs a robust mold removal process. We employ advanced mold remediation techniques to ensure all mold spores are thoroughly removed, treating the root of the problem rather than just addressing the symptoms.

Air quality is significantly improved following our mold removal service, providing a safe and healthy environment for you, your family, or your employees. Restoration Mate’s mold removal and mold testing services are designed to protect and restore your property effectively.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

When a fire strikes, the resulting damage can be overwhelming. At Restoration Mate, we offer professional fire damage restoration services designed to restore your commercial or residential properties back to their former glory.

Fire and smoke can cause significant structural damage, leaving a property unsafe and uninhabitable. Our team of experts takes a meticulous approach to assess the full extent of the damage and develops a strategic plan for repair and restoration. From clearing the debris to treating smoke and soot residues, our comprehensive restoration process leaves no stone unturned.

Restoring a damaged property after a fire involves more than just repairing the structural damage. It requires a careful and thorough cleaning to eliminate any residual smoke odor and ensure the property is safe for habitation. At Restoration Mate, we employ advanced techniques and equipment for fire damage restoration, ensuring a thorough cleanup that restores your property to its pre-fire condition.

Our fire and smoke damage restoration services are trusted by countless homeowners and business owners in Toronto and the GTA. We strive to reduce the stress of dealing with a fire-damaged property, providing fast, efficient, and professional restoration services.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Storms can wreak havoc on properties, leaving behind a trail of destruction that can be daunting to clean up. As Toronto’s reliable storm damage cleanup company, Restoration Mate is equipped to handle the aftermath of any storm, no matter the scale of damage.

When a storm hits, immediate action is critical to minimize further damage and start the restoration process. Our dedicated team is available 24/7, ready to respond swiftly to your call. We start by assessing the storm damage, which could range from roof damage to water intrusion and debris accumulation.

After the assessment, our team leaps into action, meticulously cleaning up and securing the affected areas to prevent further damage. We prioritize your safety, ensuring all hazards are taken care of promptly.

With Restoration Mate, you can expect thorough and professional storm damage cleanup. We go beyond just clearing the visible damage; our team works diligently to restore your property to its pre-storm condition, allowing you to regain the comfort and safety of your home or business as quickly as possible.

Sewage Cleanup

Sewage problems are more than just an inconvenience; they pose serious health risks and can cause significant damage to your property. Restoration Mate understands the urgency and complexity of sewage cleanup, providing comprehensive services to ensure your property is safe, clean, and free of contaminants.

Whether caused by a sewage backup, flooding, or plumbing issues, we are equipped and ready to handle any sewage-related problem. Our team of experts has the training and experience to safely clean and decontaminate affected areas, protecting you and your property from potential health hazards.

We follow strict safety protocols during the cleanup process, ensuring that all sewage is removed, your property is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and any water damage is addressed. Our goal is to restore your property to its original condition, giving you peace of mind and a safe, clean environment.

Trust Restoration Mate for professional and efficient sewage cleanup services in Toronto and the surrounding GTA. We are committed to providing superior service, ensuring your satisfaction with our work.

Dry Ice & Soda Blasting Restoration

Innovation is at the heart of Restoration Mate, and we incorporate cutting-edge techniques like dry ice and soda blasting in our restoration services. This environmentally friendly, non-destructive method is incredibly effective at removing contaminants from a variety of surfaces without causing any harm to the underlying material.

Dry ice blasting uses solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) pellets that sublimate upon impact, lifting the unwanted material off the surface. It’s a superior cleaning method for a variety of applications, including mold remediation, fire and smoke damage restoration, and general property cleanup.

Soda blasting, on the other hand, uses sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) as the blasting medium. It is gentle yet effective, ideal for delicate surfaces where minimal abrasiveness is required, such as graffiti removal or cleaning surfaces with smoke or soot damage.

At Restoration Mate, we have the expertise and equipment to effectively carry out dry ice and soda blasting restoration, leaving your property clean, safe, and ready for any necessary repairs or restoration. By choosing us, you’re opting for a service that uses advanced, environmentally friendly techniques to deliver outstanding results.

We Work Directly With Your Insurance

Dealing with damage to your property can be stressful, and navigating insurance claims can add another layer of complexity to the process. At Restoration Mate, we aim to lighten your burden by working directly with your insurance company.

As part of our comprehensive restoration services, we assist in the claims process by providing all necessary documentation, including a detailed assessment of the damage, photos, and itemized restoration plans. Our experience and familiarity with insurance processes enable us to advocate effectively for our clients, ensuring they receive the coverage they deserve.

We understand the importance of prompt restoration work, so we start our job while continuing to communicate with your insurance company, reducing downtime and ensuring a quicker return to normalcy.

With Restoration Mate, you have a partner who not only restores your property to its former condition but also helps navigate the complexities of insurance claims. This is part of our commitment to making the restoration process as smooth and stress-free as possible for our clients in Toronto and the GTA.

Restoration FAQ

How quickly can you respond to an emergency?

We understand that in emergencies, every minute counts. That’s why we’ve structured our services to respond as promptly as possible. We have dedicated teams on call 24/7 in Toronto and the GTA, ready to swing into action at a moment’s notice.

When you reach out to us for an emergency, you can expect our professionals to be at your location swiftly, armed with the necessary equipment and expertise to handle your restoration needs. This immediate response minimizes potential further damage and kickstarts the recovery process, aiming to restore normalcy as soon as possible.

In emergencies, you can count on Restoration Mate for a rapid response and professional restoration services. We’re always ready to help.

What is your service area?

We provide water damage restoration services to Toronto and the surrounding GTA.  In some cases of major flooding, we will work with homeowners and commercial properties outside of the GTA.

Do you provide free estimates for your restoration services?

Yes, we do. At Restoration Mate, we believe in full transparency and commitment to our customers. As part of this commitment, we provide free estimates to our prospective clients. Our experienced team will assess the extent of the damage, the required restoration work, and provide you with a detailed, no-obligation estimate.

We understand that understanding insurance coverage can sometimes be confusing, which is why we go one step further. In addition to providing a free estimate, we also offer to review your insurance policy with you. This helps us clarify your coverage, ensuring you understand what is included in your policy and what your insurance can cater for in terms of restoration work.

Our aim is to eliminate any surprises and ensure you are well-informed about the process and costs involved. With Restoration Mate, you can trust in our transparent, customer-first approach.

Do you work with my insurance company?

Absolutely, at Restoration Mate, we do more than just repair and restore – we’re here to support you throughout the entire process, including dealing with insurance claims. We understand that insurance matters can be complex and stressful, which is why we work on your behalf with your insurance company.

Our team assists with the insurance claims process, providing necessary documentation, including a comprehensive assessment of the damage, photographs, and an itemized plan for restoration. We work directly with your insurance provider, advocating for you to ensure that you receive the coverage to which you are entitled.

Our aim is to streamline the process, alleviating the stress of insurance claims while providing top-tier restoration services. With Restoration Mate, you have a committed ally who simplifies the restoration process from start to finish.

What is the restoration process?

Our process begins with an immediate response, followed by an in-depth assessment of the damage. We then develop a tailored restoration plan and carry it out meticulously. The process may involve water extraction, drying, cleaning, sanitizing, mold remediation, repairs, and reconstruction, among others, depending on the nature of the damage.

While the steps may vary based on the specifics of each case, our commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering across all projects.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of our restoration process, you can visit this link: Restoration Mate Process. Here, you will find a detailed breakdown of each step in our restoration journey, offering you insight into our professional practices and commitment to excellence.

How do you ensure the safety and cleanliness of my property during the restoration process?

Safety and cleanliness are paramount in our work at Restoration Mate. We understand that the restoration process can be disruptive, but we strive to minimize this inconvenience and ensure your property is kept safe and clean throughout the process.

Our team adheres to stringent safety and cleanliness protocols. Before commencing any restoration work, we take necessary precautions to protect unaffected areas and your belongings from potential harm or further damage. We use coverings, barriers, and containment strategies to prevent dust, debris, or contaminants from spreading.

During the restoration process, our team conducts regular cleanups and maintains a tidy work environment. We understand that a clean work area not only promotes safety but also improves efficiency.

Once the restoration work is complete, we conduct a thorough cleaning of your property, leaving it spotless and in ‘like-new’ condition. We don’t just restore; we aim to enhance. By the time our team is done, you won’t just have your property back, you’ll have it back in the best condition possible.

At Restoration Mate, we take the ‘restoration’ in our name seriously and believe in restoring not just your property, but your peace of mind too.

Are your technicians certified and trained?

Yes, our technicians at Restoration Mate are not only certified and trained, but they’re also highly experienced. We firmly believe in the importance of proper education and continuous training, which is why all of our technicians undergo rigorous training programs and earn certifications recognized in Ontario.

We also ensure our team stays updated on the latest advancements and best practices in the restoration industry. This constant learning allows us to offer services that are on par with, or even surpass, industry standards.

Moreover, Restoration Mate carries comprehensive business insurance. This is part of our commitment to protect our clients and guarantee the quality of our work. When you choose Restoration Mate, you’re opting for a team of professionals who possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and credentials to handle your restoration needs effectively and safely.

Can you provide references or testimonials from previous clients?

Certainly, at Restoration Mate, we are proud of the quality of service we provide, and nothing brings us more satisfaction than hearing positive feedback from our valued clients. We are more than happy to provide references upon request to prospective clients who wish to hear first-hand experiences of our service.

In addition to this, we have numerous positive testimonials and reviews available online. We invite you to read our many 5-star reviews on Google and Homestars, where our past clients share their experiences and the excellent service they received from our team.

These reviews and testimonials speak volumes about our commitment to quality, customer service, and professional workmanship. At Restoration Mate, we’re not just about delivering superior restoration services, but also about ensuring a positive customer experience throughout the process.

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