Water, Mold, Storm and Fire Damage Restoration Toronto

Restoration Mate is a top water, mold, fire, and storm damage restoration company in the Toronto area.  We strive to offer the highest quality professional services in a fast manner.  Working in emergency situations every day, we fully understand the importance of fast action as well as the amount of stress these events can put on property owners.  We are dedicated to doing everything possible to keep your stress at a minimum and are with you every step of the way during the recovery and restoration processes. 

Our team includes restoration professionals that have been in the industry for 15 years.  Restoration Mate is committed to using a Quality Assurance Restoration System which ensures that each restoration project will follow a strict set of standards.  This allows us to get the job done quickly and without costly mistakes.  We take professional standards very seriously and always put 100% into quality work, safety, and customer service.


Our top priority is ensuring that you, your family, or employees are in a safe environment.  We will be sure to eliminate any hazards and certify that your air quality is healthy and safe to breathe.


Restoration can be a lengthy and complicated process.  Our team is committed to open communication during every step, so you are comfortable and included in the process.  From the first estimate to our final walkthrough, we promise to keep you fully informed, and we always welcome any questions that you may have.

Fast Response

As a 24-hour emergency restoration company, we guarantee a fast response no matter what time of day or night.

Cost Guarantee

It is our promise to you to provide up-front pricing that we stick too.  In this industry there are many companies that are unreliable and untrustworthy.  Many companies will provide a reasonable looking quote to lock you in and then will find ways to increase the pricing.  Restoration Mate does not do this, the quote provided at the beginning is the pricing that will be honored.


We believe that quality customer service is key, and we ensure that communication, costs, and timelines are all made clear.  We strictly adhere to our proprietary Quality Assurance Restoration System so that all of our projects follow the same standards.

Emergency 24/7 Commercial Restoration

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