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Why Calling A Water Damage Repair Company Is Better Than DIY

Water can start to enter and accumulate in your home due to several different reasons. A leaking faucet, pipe or other fixture can cause water to seep in so slowly, you won’t even notice it till it becomes more severe. Heavy rains and floods can cause water to accumulate in your home more quickly and cause more extensive damage. Water damage seems relatively simple to repair and you may be tempted to tackle it yourself, especially if you have experience with handling all kinds of repairs around the house.

However, water damage repair is not as simple as other DIY household repair work. There’s much more to it than simply bailing out the excess water with a bucket or mopping the area dry. Not only can DIY water damage repair turn to be more expensive than calling in a professional, but it can also be dangerous.

We’ve put together some of the more compelling reasons why calling in a professional water damage repair company is better, safer, and ultimately cheaper than DIY.

WIdentifying The Source Of The Leak Is Not Always Easy

  • You can see the water accumulated on the bathroom floor and the wallpaper peeling off the walls, but what you cannot see is where the water is coming from. All plumbing pipes are laid out inside the wall and are invisible. Without being able to get a visual on the pipes, it’s impossible to identify the source of the leak. The only way you can do this is by breaking down the wall in the area.

  • The Extent of Water Damage Can Be Misleading

  • The water that you see accumulated in the room is only the tip of the iceberg. However, it’s what you cannot see that causes the most damage.
  • Whether the water accumulation is due to a leaky faucet, a broken drain, rain or flooding, the water first gets absorbed into the porous structure of your home. The building material of the walls and flooring get waterlogged, which can compromise their structure. Simply removing the excess water and ignoring the sodden structure of their home is the biggest mistake homeowners make when attempting to repair the water damage themselves.

  • DIY Water Damage Repair Can Be Hazardous, Even Fatal

  • When water seeps into your home, the biggest danger is the possibility that the water may have come in contact with electrical wires at some point in their journey. The contact point could be some loose wiring or an electrical socket. It is almost impossible to know if and where this contact may have happened. Water is an excellent conductor of electricity. You could experience an electrical shock while walking around on the water-filled flooring or touching wet walls without proper safety equipment.

  • Another risk to your health is from contaminated water. Depending on the source of the damage, excess water could contain bacteria, sewage and other toxic microorganisms that are hazardous to your health.

  • There’s A Risk That a DIY Project Could Quickly Get out Of Control

  • The damage starts from the moment water start to enter any building material. It could be several days before you notice the dampness in the room. By that time, significant damage would be done that you may not be able to see. The longer the water has been trapped inside the building material, the more extensive the damage is likely to be. You may realize the full extent of the damage only after starting the repairs by. Dealing with extensive water damage requires professional equipment, training and experience, which most homeowners are not likely to have.

Total Mold Remediation Requires Special Training & Experience

Mold spores develop and thrive in moist conditions, which is exactly what they get when water starts to accumulate in your walls and flooring. Once mold starts growing, it spreads rapidly and creates all types of havoc. Not only does it damage the surfaces on which it grows but it also increases the risk of allergies and infections. Simply wiping away the visible mold can actually make things worse. While wiping away the mold, the lightweight spores may disperse in the air around you. These airborne mold spores may settle on your clothes and other items in the room, spreading the mold to other rooms in the house even faster. If you’re not using proper breathing protection apparatus you could inhale the minute spores, running the risk of infection.

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A Water Damage Repair Company Uses Professional Grade Equipment for Maximum Efficiency & Safety

All professional water repair companies have specialized equipment such as snake cameras and other devices that allow them to locate hidden leaks without breaking down any walls. Once they’ve determined where the leak is originating from, they will first seal off the leak and only then start the repairing the damage. This ensures that the water is stopped at the source so there are no more leaks.

A water damage repair company will always equip their team with the necessary, professional grade protection equipment. This equipment protects the workers from electrical shocks, airborne mold spores, exposure to contaminated water and all other hazards.

In addition to being properly equipped, water damage repair teams are trained and certified to undertake even the most complex types of water damage repair services. They check for all types potential hazards before starting any water repair work to minimize the risks to themselves, to your home and to your family members.

After repairing the visible damage, a professional water damage repair team uses advanced equipment such as dehumidifiers, air movers and others to check the moisture level in the room and ensure that all moisture and mold have been completely removed. This helps to mitigate the damage and stop mold spores immediately.

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How Hiring a Water Damage Repair Company Can Save You Money

While you may think that doing the repair work yourself will save you money, it could turn out to be more expensive in more ways than one. In responding promptly and working quickly and efficiently, a water damage repair company will limit the damage done to your home in terms of water absorption and also mold growth, so structural repairs are down to the minimum.

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