Calculating Water Damage Restoration Cost

In the aftermath of a disaster, it can be difficult to calculate the exact water damage restoration cost with just a quick glance around. This is because much of the destruction done by water is not immediately visible, making it difficult to gauge the extent of the damage and the amount of work necessary to do a complete repair and restoration job. Simply drying out the water from the floors and furniture only takes care of part of the problem and that’s the easy part. The real challenge lies in removing the water that’s hidden behind the walls, under the floor and in the air ducts and making the indoor environment as dry as possible to prevent further ongoing damage.

Here are some of the factors that are taken into consideration to calculate water damage repair costs

Extent of Destruction

The extent of the destruction is the major factor that influences the flood damage cost. If only a little water has intruded into the house you can expect to pay minimal water damage restoration cost. However, if excess water has seeped into the walls or under the floor boards, the flood damage cost can be very high as these areas can only be dried out by highly trained professionals using specialised equipment. If any structural damage has occurred to the interior or exterior of the home, that will need to be repaired too. Similarly, water damage repair costs can be high if there is a lot of damage done to your personal belongings and household items.

Location of Damage

Where the damage has occurred also plays a role in dictating the flood damage cost. Removing and replacing a soaking wet carpet can be time consuming, which will push up the water damage restoration cost. Replacing drywall is another factor that can take a lot of time and will result in raising the price. On the other hand, replacing baseboards can be done quickly and easily so that is relatively inexpensive.

Source Of The Water

If the flood is caused by a sudden outburst of rain, a leaky faucet or a burst pipe, the water will generally be clean, which poses no risk to the workers who come to repair the water damage.  However, water that originates from a backed up sewer poses a threat to the workers as it can contain chemical or biological contaminants. Water damage repair costs for such operations can be extremely high as it involves using protective gear and highly advanced equipment.

Getting Flood Insurance is Important Flood damage repair is not a DIY project. It should ideally be handled by professionals because of all of the intricacies involved. To offset the expenses should you be the victim of extensive damage, it is advisable to take some kind of flood insurance. Do not wait to do this at the last minute. It is advisable to look for flood insurance well in advance so you can look around and choose a company that gives you fair water damage coverage.

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