Can A Water Damaged Carpet Be Saved?

So you have had a flood and your beautiful carpet is now soaking wet.  You are definitely wondering if there is anything that you can do to salvage it and your carpet pad.  Carpets can be expensive so of course that would be your first choice but there are a few factors that come into play that will determine if it is possible or not.

The first determining factor is the category of flood water that saturated it.  There are 3 categories of flood water that are classified by the amount of contamination in the water source.  The categories are as follows;

Category 1

This is when the flood water is from a clean source.  This can be rain water or a broken water supply line.  This type of flood water does not have contaminants.  It is drinkable water.  If this is your situation you should be able to save your carpet as well as the pad although timing does make a difference.  The carpet should not have been wet for longer than a maximum of 48 hours before the drying and restoration process.  If this time frame is surpassed, the category 1 may be changed to a category 2.

Category 2

This type of flood water is known as “greywater.”  Greywater is from sources that are not clean and drinkable water sources.  Examples can be from toilets with no solid waste, dishwashers or washing machines.  Carpets can normally be saved in this circumstance as long as the water has not been sitting for longer than 48 hours.  In the case of greywater the carpet pad will need to be replaced. 

Category 3

This category is “Blackwater.”  This flood water is very highly contaminated and can make individuals that come into contact with it extremely ill.  It may contain harmful bacteria, viruses and microorganisms.  This would include storm water, overflow from rivers or streams and sewage backup.  In this case it would not be recommended to salvage the carpet or pad and it should be discarded and replaced.

Whether the carpet and pad can be replaced can also depend on the age of carpet and its condition.  If it is an older carpet it can have many food sources that will encourage mold growth.  Carpets that are aged and not in good condition will not be worth having them cleaned.  It will make more sense to just replace them.

Whichever is the situation, it is best to hire a professional company.  Professionals will be able to assess the situation accordingly and mitigate the damages to your home.  A professional restoration company can dry out and treat your carpet in a way to greatly minimize the risk of any mold growth from occurring.

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