Ceiling Water Damage

The signs of a water damaged ceiling can be quite obvious. You may notice spots of water stains, buckling or sagging, cracks, bubbling or even visible dripping water. It can be much trickier to find the actual source of the leak.  When there are signs of water damage on the ceiling it is most likely going to be from either a roofing issue or a problem with your plumbing. Do not put off identifying the cause and having it repaired as there can be much more water there than you realize.  Leaving it be for an extended amount of time will risk mold growth and further jeopardize structural integrity.

Leaky Plumbing

If the affected ceiling is directly below a bathroom or kitchen, it is very likely that you have a problem with the pipes, drains or a plumbing fixture. Pipes can leak over time and in some cases may burst, appliances may also leak and fixtures such as the toilet can leak around the base causing the water to seep downwards.  In the bathroom, caulking wears away over the years.  This will cause the water to make its ways into the walls and flooring which will find its way to your ceiling. 

If you cannot identify the source of the water leakage it is probably coming from pipes that you did not even realize were there.  It is also important to note that the cause of the water damage may not come from directly above the visible signs.  Leaking water can travel along the pipes before dripping down.  It is worth it to have a professional assess the situation.  It may be necessary to cut away parts of the ceiling to determine the source.  A professional will have tools to help them better pinpoint the problem.

Roofing Leaks

The leak is most likely from the roof if its directly below the roofing or the attic.  If the leaking occurs during or after rain, it is a fairly sure thing that it is from the roof.  Water sources from the roof may also appear dirty as the water usually picks up dirt off of the roof.  A leaking roof could also be from ice dams. Many homeowners usually only think of leaky roofs in the spring or summer.  However, in the wintertime snow can continuously melt and freeze on the roof.  This forms what is known as an ice dam.  When ice dams are formed, they can cause water to build up under the shingles and leak down into your home.  If you have signs of leakage on an exterior wall or on a ceiling at the edge of the room this potentially is the cause especially if you can see ice buildup around your eavestroughs. 

When dealing with roofing, it can be very difficult to determine and successfully fix the root of the problem.  In the winter season, it can be dangerous to tackle such a job.  Entering the attic if needed can also be risky for someone who is not experienced.  It is wise to have a professional to do the necessary assessment and repairs. 

Restoration Mate is more than prepared to help with your water damaged ceiling.  With our many years of experience we will determine the cause and mitigate the damages. We are always prepared for any emergency service needed.

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