DIY Mold Testing Kits vs Professional Mold Detection

If you suspect mold in your home you may wonder if a do-it-yourself kit is sufficient.   Mold kits are widely available over the internet and at hardware stores.  They are significantly cheaper than having a professional come in for an inspection but are they trustworthy?  The answer really is no.  These tests can often give false positives or false negatives.  They also do not provide all of the information needed or tell you the scope of the problem.

Mold is everywhere in the environment.  Spores are floating around in the air all around us.  Every home will have some type and level of mold growth occurring.  Therefore, using a DIY mold kit does not normally prove to be very helpful and are not recommended.  Usually they will determine that there are mold spores.  What is important to know is the species of mold, the location of the mold, what is causing its growth and the amount of mold growth.  Mold can often be growing in places that cannot be seen such as behind walls and underneath carpets so it is important to accurately identify the problem areas.

Mold test kits work by obtaining a small sample in a petri dish or a swab.  When using a DIY kit, you will need to send the samples away to have them analyzed at a lab in order to know what species of mold you are dealing with.   It costs additional money to do this and you will not get a straightforward answer back as to if you need mold remediation.  What you will receive back will be a scientific name for the mold species.  You would then have to rely on your own research in regards to its toxicity.  Also, when mailing in your sample you have no way of knowing how the sample was handled.  This can play a part in how accurate your results will be.  Furthermore, there is no control sample so there is nothing to compare the results to.

The better option is most definitely to have a mold remediation and removal company to come and do an assessment of your home.  Although it is pricier than a do-it-yourself mold kit, you will certainly get much more reliable and credible information on your mold situation. This information is extremely important since mold can cause many problems.  It can cause structural damage to your home and even worse can potentially cause serious health issues to those in the household.

An experienced company will be able to use professional equipment during the inspection process.  Thermal imaging and hygrometers will be used to help determine the source of the problem.  In order to learn the species of mold as well as the quantity, air testing will be done.  DIY kits cannot compare to having a full mold inspection done.

Getting in a professional company will completely take care of any mold problem that needs to be dealt with.  The cause of the mold will be rectified, a remediation plan can be established, the mold accurately analyzed and safely removed.  All areas that were affected can be treated properly to  greatly minimize chances of regrowth in the future.  Once everything has been cleaned another air test will also be done to ensure that the problem has been successfully rectified.

There are many issues with DIY mold testing kits.  Although getting the professionals in is a greater expense, you can rest assured that your mold problem is effectively taken care of and you won’t be dealing with more severe problems down the line.

Restoration Mate has many years of experience with mold and will ensure that a full and proper inspection is carried out.  We can guarantee successful and safe mold removal.  Give us a call today for a full mold inspection in Toronto and surrounding areas.

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