Emergency Board Up Services

When your home has been damaged by fire or a bad storm leaving it exposed to the outside, it is important for you to ensure that it is boarded up securely. Your home’s exterior may have been damaged by tree branches, hail or windows may have been blown out by a fire or broken by emergency services. Boarding up might not be one of the first things you think of but it is vital for this to be done. Boarding up areas of your home that are exposed will protect your property from further damage and greater losses. There are several reasons why this should be made a priority.

Firstly, when your home has experienced damage to the walls, roof and/or windows, you want to be sure that no further damage is caused by the elements. If the damaged areas are not properly boarded up it allows for wind, rain and snow to enter. This will only cause more problems therefore it necessary for this to be done quickly. Water that enters through the damaged exterior will especially cause more issues. Water damage is one of the most expensive to repair and can ruin everything in your home. When water enters, there is also the risk of mold growth occurring which can be another challenging and expensive task.

Boarding up will also deter vandals and thieves. Unfortunately, there are people out there who will take advantage of others misfortunes. If they see a damaged home that has not been secured and is easily accessible, they may enter. Once inside they may vandalize your home and/or loot it. Both of these scenarios will only cause you more devastation.

Furthermore, boarding up will keep wildlife out of your home. Animals looking for shelter and food can enter and they can cause a ton of damage. Animals can tear up your inside furnishings, chew wires, insulation and drywall and leave a horrible stench inside your home from their urine and droppings. Many species of animals can easily enter an unsecured home such as mice, rats, raccoons, squirrels, bats and skunks. They do not require a large opening to get inside, a broken window will easily allow them entry.

Boarding up can also prevent problems with your insurance company. Many companies make it their policy that measures be taken to prevent further kinds of damage. This means that if you do not board up, they may deny all or part of your insurance claim. Do not give your insurance company an easy reason to deny coverage. You will be in a much more stressful situation.
Boarding up will protect your home while you wait to have it properly repaired. It can take time for windows to be replaced or roofing to be repaired so boarding up helps ensure that in the meantime your home is safe.

Restoration Mate can be at any emergency in a very minimal amount of time. We can provide durable material to secure your home quickly in a way that will last until the needed repairs can be completed.

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