How to Stop Your Sump Pump Line From Freezing

Your sump pump is vital in preventing water intrusion in your home.  You want to be sure that it is properly taken care of so that it is working when it needs to be, otherwise you could end up with a water disaster in your basement.  In the winter months it is possible for the sump pump line to freeze which will prevent it from doing its job.  There are some ways that you can decrease the likelihood of this happening.

Firstly, if you have a buried line you want to be sure that it is deep enough under ground so that it is protected from the frost.  Your line should be a minimum of 5 inches below the frost line. If you have an above ground pipe it should be on a slope away from the foundation.  It can be a gentle slope, it does not need to be anything extreme.  Moving water is less likely to freeze than standing water so if the discharge pipe is sloped gravity will keep the water moving through it.

Check your sump pump line throughout the winter, especially after a storm.  Make sure that there is no buildup of ice and snow around it.  If there is any, it should be cleared away.  You should also redirect the water away from your foundation as much as possible.  You can do this with a good drainage system.

This will keep your sump pump from working hard especially if the discharge line is beginning to freeze.  When that starts to freeze it makes the pump work harder, possibly leading it to eventually burn out.  Have the drainage pipe for your sump pump drain at least 20 feet away from your home.  You can extend the pipe by connecting a freeze resistant rigid hose.

Insulating the discharge pipe is important as well.  Hay is a natural insulator that you can use over any exposed piping and you can cover the hay up with a tarp.  There is piping insulator you can get from any hardware store to help prevent freezing.  Another way is to attach a larger diameter pipe over the hose to leave an air gap.

If your sump pump line has frozen, have it dealt with right away.  Your sump pump will not work properly or can completely fail when the line freezes.  You may have to replace the sump pump if it has burnt out or even worse, you may end up with a basement full of water.

You can try to defrost the pipes with portable heaters.  Never try to defrost pipes with a blow torch.  This can be dangerous.  It can cause damage to the pipes, you could severely burn yourself or end up causing a fire.  If you are unable to get the pipes unfrozen yourself, have a professional come in to assist you.  They will be able to get them defrosted in a safe way that will not cause further damage.

If you have had a problem with your sump pump line freezing and have experienced water damage due to it, you can rely on Restoration Mate.  Restoration Mate specializes in water damage clean up and restoration.  We are open 24 hours and guarantee to be on site fast!

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