Importance of Proper Drainage

Poor drainage can cause a large range of problems for a homeowner.  Problems may include water saturated soil, pooling and puddling in your yard which can destroy landscaping.  Even worse, it can begin to cause serious problems for your home’s foundation.  This can lead to very costly repairs if you end up with a flooded basement.  Some signs of drainage issues can be quite obvious, but others can be fairly difficult to notice.  If you have any concerns regarding drainage around your home, you should have it inspected by a professional to be on the safe side.  Water and flooding damage can be some of the most expensive repair work in a home, so it is best to get ahead and fix the small problems before they end up costing you thousands or even tens of thousands.

The following are some signs that you may have problems with drainage:

  • Water stains in the basement
    • This could be caused by surface water which is quite simple to fix or it could be more complex if caused by a rising water table. 
  • Flaking on walls
    • If you can see spots on the walls that look crusty or flaky it could be mineral deposits left behind after water has been evaporated.
  • Overflowing gutters
    • Although water overflowing off the edge of your gutters like a waterfall is the most evident sign of a problem, there can also be less noticeable signs such as vertically peeling paint off the home or mud splatters on the siding.
  • Downspouts dumping water too close to the foundation
    • If the downspout dumps water too close to your foundation it can cause a build up of pressure that can lead to foundation damage, water seepage in the basement or potential flooding if it has become severe.
  • Foundation cracks
    • Some small cracks in the foundation can be normal but any larger cracks or cracks that are growing should be investigated by a professional.

You do not need to immediately panic if you are noticing one of even more of these drainage problem signs.  However, it is extremely important to have it looked into quickly as you definitely do not want any existing problems becoming worse or creating secondary problems to your home.  For many of these drainage issues there can be a simple solution such as buying downspout extenders to guide the water away from your foundation.  Keeping gutters clean of any debris is another easy way to help prevent water from pooling by the foundation as well as creating some grading in problem areas so that the water will flow away from house and prevent water being held against foundation walls.

If you have already experienced water damage or flooding due to drainage issues, Restoration Mate is here to help.  Restoration Mate provides first class restoration services in the Toronto area for water and flooding damage.  Our team is fully qualified to handle any size of water damage and we only use the best technology and techniques in order to mitigate the damages and restore your property to its state before the occurrence or better.  Restoration Mate is fast, efficient, professional and will leave your home looking like it never suffered any type of water damage in the past. 

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