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Restoration Mate provides early mold detection and testing in Toronto and the surrounding GTA.  There are several methods in place to detect mold in your Greater Toronto Area home and these include air and swab samples, moisture readers, particle counters, inner wall checks, laser scanners and toxic mold sensors. If you believe your home may be infested with mold it’s better to be safe than sorry, so certainly feel free to contact our experienced team of technicians at Restoration Mate for expert assistance.

Our specialists and environmental analyst will visit your home and carry out a full-scale inspection of the premises. In the early stages we will gather important information regarding any type of moisture or water damage you may have endured in the past and the reasons your believe the home is suffering from a  mold issue. This will include any type of health symptoms you or your family may be experiencing.

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The fully-trained inspectors will visually check over the areas of the home you’re concerned about. Images can be taken via infrared thermography techniques to help determine if there has been any moisture or water intrusion or perhaps any type of construction defect which could result in an issue with mold.

Advanced Mold Testing

Air and swab samples are taken and then analyzed at a microbial laboratory. The swab sample is used to help identify any surface mold in the home. This will be able to tell us the specific type of mold and how much of it is present as well as its toxicity level. The air sample can be compared to an outdoor sample to help determine if there are elevated levels of mold spores in the air of the home.  Air particle counters and moisture readers are also used to read levels from indoors and outdoors.

Effective Mold Solutions

The laboratory tests and images will help us compile a thorough report which we can then go over with you in full detail. At that time we can recommend the best course of action to take concerning your unique situation if it has been confirmed that mold is present. Some of the most effective solutions to an invasion of mold include; containment areas, air scrubbers, Hepa vacuums, negative air pressure devices, decontamination, fumigation, disinfection, dry icing, cold-mist air foggers, anti-fungal biocides and filtrating the building’s duct/vent systems.

Mold Remediation Solutions

The exact methods used will be determined on the findings of the inspection and the severity and type of mold on the premises. At this time we can also give homeowners an estimate on how long the process of ridding your home of mold will take. Further tests are taken at the end of the process to ensure the mold is gone and we can then make recommendations on how to keep your home mold-free in the future.

For more detailed information about mold testing and mold removal please feel free to inquire at Restoration Mate for a free onsite estimate.