Most Common Causes of Basement Flooding

Unfortunately for homeowners, some types of basement flooding are quite common.  Basements are very vulnerable to floods.  This is mostly because they are built underground which makes them prone to water intrusion, especially when there is lots of rainfall or thaw.  However, weather is not the only common reason for finding a couple feet of water in the basement.

As a responsible homeowner you should be aware of the common causes of basement floods.  This way you can do what you can to minimize the chances of having a disaster yourself.  Water damage can destroy many items in your basement and is expensive to repair and restore.  It is much better to be prepared and know what you can be up against. Here we are some of the most common issues that can cause your basement to become flooded.

Blocked Gutters and Improper Downspouts

Eavestroughs that are blocked with debris will not be able to move water efficiently and direct it into the downspouts.  Blocked gutters will overflow.  This can result in pooling water by the foundation and this water can then find its way into your basement.  Clear twigs, leaves and other debris out of your gutters a couple of times a year.

Downspouts should be properly placed.  Their job is to direct water away from the foundation.  Downspouts need to be a minimum of 1.5 meters from the foundation to stop water from pooling there.

Failed Weeping Tile

Weeping tiles are installed around a home’s foundation as part of the drainage system.  They help to keep the water away from the foundation walls.  If these fail or were never installed correctly to begin with, it may lead to basement flooding.  It would be necessary to have a professional do an inspection to see if you have a problem with your weeping tile.

Insufficient Sealing

Your basement’s walls and floor need to be sealed with a waterproofing sealant when being built.  If this was not applied or not done right, you will probably see moisture issues in the basement.  Sealants can also wear away over the years so if you have water intrusion, it might be time to get it redone.

Cracked Pipes, Hot Water Tank and Sewer Backup

Your basement is not only at risk of flooding from water intrusion through the floor or walls.  There are several other common causes.  Basements are full of pipes which can crack or burst.  If a water supply line bursts it can quickly flood your basement.  Cracked or burst pipes can be due to their age, poorly done work, or freezing.  Hot water tanks are also located in the basement.  If your hot water tank fails it can leak and cause a huge mess.  It is advisable to have it inspected once a year to make sure there are no signs of leakage, cracks or rust.

Sewer backup is also common.  Especially when there is a large storm the sewers can become overloaded.  When this happens wastewater can come up through floor drains, sinks and toilets.  You can get a backwater valve installed to prevent this from happening.

Sump Pump Failure

Many homeowners rely largely on a sump pump in order to keep their basement nice and dry.  Having your sump pump fail can be disastrous.  Inspect your sump pump regularly to ensure that it is working properly.

Sometimes even with all precautions taken, the worst still happens.  If you are in need of help cleaning up flood water, you can count on Restoration Mate.  We are always open to deal with emergencies!

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