Preventing Bathroom Mold

Bathrooms are notorious for mold.  Mold flourishes in moist, humid environments which makes bathrooms very hospitable for them.   If you can control the moisture and humidity levels in your bathroom you should be able to prevent it from growing.  Mold can grow practically anywhere in the bathroom such as caulking, grout, around windows, the ceiling and walls, shower curtain and mats.  With a few simple steps you should be able to create a mold resistant bathroom!

Since mold does so well in high humidity areas, you should tackle the humidity issue first.  Proper ventilation in your bathroom is crucial.  You should have an exhaust fan installed in your bathrooms to expel the excess humidity.  The fan should be kept running during your shower and for at least 30 minutes afterwards.  If you do not have a fan and cannot afford one right away, you can alternatively keep the window open and if you are comfortable, keep the bathroom door open to allow the humidity to escape and air to circulate.

Get rid of any excess water as soon as possible.  When you are done showering you can use a squeegee and a cloth to remove any leftover water.  Be sure to wipe down the grout and corners.  Grout, especially if it is cracked is a great place for mold to begin to grow.  Clean your tiles and grout with a shower cleaner and scrub with a brush once a week.  If you already have signs of mold growth on your grout, you should have it replaced in the near future.  Not only is the mold on the grout but it could also be growing behind it and the bathroom tiles.  If your grout is discoloured but shows no signs of mold or cracking, it should still be effective.  You can apply a grout sealer about once a year which can provide protection against mold growth.

Regularly inspect your shower curtains, mats, and towels for any signs of mold.  Any surface that gets wet is susceptible.  If you notice any dark spots on your shower curtain, you should replace it right away.  You should also often wash your shower curtains, even the plastic ones can be thrown in the washing machine.  Replace your shower curtain liners about once every 6 months to prevent mold and bacteria growth.  Bathroom mats also need to be washed frequently.  They absorb tons of moisture and can sometimes take time to fully dry out, making them a breeding ground for molds.  This applies to towels as well.  Wash them every couple of days in hot water and when reusing towels, be sure that they are hung up properly to allow them to fully dry out between uses. 

It is beneficial to allow the items in your shower to dry out after your shower.  You can use a shower caddy or remove everything from around the shower when you are finished.  Leaving loofahs and bottles around the shower allows for mold to grow under them.  Water settles underneath and cannot dry out.

Mold prevention is much easier and less expensive than removal.  By following these prevention methods, you should be able to control the mold growth in your bathroom. 

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