Storm Damage Repair

Severe storms in the Toronto area have become much more common in the past number of years due to the effects of global warming.  If your home has been damaged by high winds, hail, lightning, ice or flooding it is an incredibly stressful event and needs to be dealt with quickly before further damage is caused.  Restoration Mate is a team of professionals servicing Toronto and the GTA in storm clean up and restoration services.  Restoration Mate has years of experience and will be with you for every single step of the process.  As severe weather can hit at any time, Restoration Mate is on call 24/7 to respond to any emergency storm damage.

Common Storm Damage

  • Wind
    • High wind speeds can cause serious damage to your roof.  Roof shingles may be blown off.  High winds can also do damage to your window frames, shutters and siding.
  • Fallen Trees
    • Severe storms with strong winds can cause trees or large branches to fall on your home.  This can cause massive amounts of damage especially to your roof and siding as well as the possibility of broken windows and even structural damage.
  • Hail
    • Large hailstones can cause damage to your home although it usually is mostly cosmetic.  It can be difficult to tell the extent of hail damage and may go unnoticed until you experience some leaking.  Hail can do damage to roof shingles, siding, and break windows.
  • Ice
    • Ice storms may cause damage to your home’s roof, exhaust pipes, cause large tree branches to break or your roof to collapse due to the weight.  Ice dams can also form which is when water becomes trapped between your roof and a layer of ice.  This can lead to leaking.
  • Flooding
    • During or after long, heavy rains you may face flooding, particularly in the basement.  Water damage can be extreme and very costly to repair.  It can ruin drywall, flooring, furnishings, electronics, and documents among many other items.  Water damage must be dealt with quickly to minimize the damage done to your home.  It can quickly spread and if left will cause mold and mildew growth which can be dangerous to your health.  The repair costs will also go up exponentially. 

Restoration Mate Storm Damage Services

  • Emergency board ups
  • Water extraction and drying
  • Mold remediation
  • Structural stabilization
  • Reconstruction services

Restoration Mate offers the above services and more.  We have some of the best professionals in the industry with years of experience.  All equipment and methods used are the most advanced available to ensure that all work is done to the highest possible standard.

Ways to Help Prevent Storm Damage

  • Close window shutters during a storm
  • Bring all outdoor furniture, decorations and anything not tied securely inside
  • Remove dead tree branches and cut back branches that hang over the house
  • Inspect your roof yearly
  • Ensure you have proper grading around your house that will direct water away from the foundation
  • Keep your gutters clean
  • Check the sealing on your doors and windows
  • Inspect your foundation for cracks

Following these tips can help to prevent storm damage from occurring but of course when it comes to severe weather there is no failsafe way to ensure your home will not suffer any damages.  Your home is your most valuable investment and if it becomes damaged you should be sure to have it repaired by qualified professionals to minimize the damages and expenses.  Restoration Mate has the expertise you are looking for and will get the job done with lasting quality in a very reasonable timeframe.  Give us a call for any of your storm damage repair needs in Toronto and the GTA.

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