What is Black Mold?

Black mold refers to a species of mold known as “stachybotrys chartarum.”This species is toxic due to mycotoxins that are released into the air which are then inhaled.  Mycotoxins are naturally occurring toxins that are produced by some species of fungi.  The effects of inhaling this toxin can be severe so black mold should be taken very seriously and removed as quickly as possible once discovered.

Black mold can be black or dark green in colouration.  It will grow on organic material that provides it with a good food source.  This can be wood, drywall, carpet, insulation and other organic materials.  Many structures in our homes can offer mold species a great environment to thrive.  Black mold like other mold species also requires moisture.   This could be from a number of possible sources including a plumbing leak, water infiltration, a high level of air humidity or some form of condensation.

You may find black mold around the inside of your windows.  In the winter, condensation will form on the windows causing excess moisture.  Another place that can often have problems with condensation that can lead to black mold, is in the attic.  This condensation results from poor insulation and ventilation.

This toxic mold can cause many health concerns for you and your family.  Children, elderly people and those with already existing respiratory conditions or weakened immune systems are most likely to suffer ill effects from mold spore inhalation but even young and healthy adults can experience many severe, negative effects.  Symptoms of toxic black mold can have a large range of symptoms.  They can consist of chronic coughing, wheezing, runny nose, headaches, fatigue and rashes.

In some cases, it can cause much more serious and long term complications.  It has been found that black mold can cause severe breathing difficulties, bleeding of the lungs and can damage the nervous system.  Neurological effects can be as severe as brain fog and memory problems, tremors or even personality changes.  Much of the damage black mold can do will depend on the individual’s overall health and sensitivity to mold spores as well as the length of exposure and the amount of mold spores that have been inhaled.

You can find many do-it-yourself mold removal tips online which may be helpful for very small areas affected by mold.  However, it is best to have a professional eliminate your mold problem.  The small amounts of mold that you can see may just be the tip of the iceberg.  Mold is difficult to detect and likes to grow in areas that cannot easily be seen.  A professional will be able to give you the full extent of the problem.  A professional will also be able to remove the mold in a safe way which is particularly important when it comes to toxic species.  Doing it yourself may make the problem worse if not done correctly.  Mold spores easily travel and you could unknowingly be spreading them around your home.  For safe black mold removal many precautions need to be taken such as wearing personal protection equipment, setting up containment zones and using air purifiers.

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