What to Do When You Have a Plumbing Emergency

Having a plumbing emergency can be a scary situation and can cause a lot of panic.  It is important to know what to do.  Gallons of water per minute can be poured out all over your floors and ceilings.  Being prepared for the situation can greatly reduce the amount of damage done while waiting for a plumbing service. 

Each plumbing fixture in your home will have its own shutoff valve.  If it is only one fixture that is affected, you will be able to simply shut this individual fixture off.   The shut off will be located close by.  For example, if it is your toilet that is causing the problem the valve will be located at the bottom back of the toilet.

If the problem is more serious than one fixture, such as a burst pipe in one of the main water supply lines than it would be necessary to shut off the water main for the house.  It is a good idea for everyone in the household to know where this is located.  That way in the case of an emergency, you are not scrambling around trying to figure out where it is while your home is being flooded.  The main water shutoff is normally located near the water meter which is on the outside of the house.  You might need a wrench in order to shut off the water main.

If there is a chance that the electrical system could be affected, you should switch off the power to those areas of the house.  Again, this is good to know ahead of any kind of emergency, so you are not panicking while attempting to figure out how to shut off the power.  When electrical equipment comes in contact with water there is a profoundly serious risk of electrocution.  It is extremely important to note to only continue with this step if you deem it to be safe to do so.  Never step into water to reach the breaker box and never step into any flood water that might be in contact with electrical outlets, cords, or appliances. 

If you are not dealing with contaminated water such as raw sewage you should begin to clean up as much of the water as possible while you wait for the professionals.  The faster the water is cleaned up, the less damage there will be to the affected areas.  Do not clean up dirty water and raw sewage as it contains many types of harmful bacteria that can make you ill.  This is only a job for the professionals as they have the training and necessary equipment.

Knowing what to do in an emergency can relieve some of the stress when you are in the situation.  If you follow the suggestions discussed, you should be able to significantly reduce the amount of water damage done to your home.  Water damage is very costly to repair so minimizing the amount of damage done will substantially cut down on those costs.  These are simple steps that you can take while waiting for the pros! 

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