When are Water Damage Restoration Companies Needed?

Why Would Anybody Need A Water Damage Repair Company?

Water damage restoration companies help to repair the damage done when excess water accumulates in your home, whether it is because of a flash flood, storm, broken pipe or leaky faucet.

Repairing water damage is far more complex than simply mopping up the visible water. When there is any kind of water intrusion, much of the damage is done by water that remains hidden within walls, beneath the floor boards and in nooks and crevices. If not removed, this water can be a health risk to your family and can also create long-term havoc to your home and possessions. This destruction is magnified if the water is contaminated either with organic waste or chemicals.

Understanding The Real Dangers Of Water Intrusion

Water intrusion can cause a wide range of problems depending on the cause of the water damage and extent of the intrusion.

  • Water can accumulate quickly in case of a heavy downpour causing structural and electrical hazards.
  • Slower leaks where the water accumulates over a period of time provides a continuously damp environment where fungi, bacteria and viruses thrive and multiply, resulting in an unhealthy indoor environment.
  • Sewer backflows contain toxic contaminants such as feces, fertilizer and other chemical runoffs, all of which are dangerous and could even be fatal.
  •  Flash floods can bring with them wild animals that may get deposited inside your property causing further risk to your family.

Why A Water Damage Repair Company Is Better Equipped To Handle These Risks

Restoration companies invest in highly advanced equipment and they also make sure that they only hire qualified staff to carry out water repair and restoration. All hired staff then undergo specialised hazard equipment training in using the latest techniques and equipment for best outcomes. 

Speed is another factor that comes into play when doing water-damage control. Prolonged exposure to moisture can cause further damage to the walls, flooring and furnishings and can also result in the formation of unhealthy mold. Water damage restoration companies have the manpower and the equipment to remove all excess water and dry out the entire space thoroughly in the shortest time possible, minimising the risk of mold formation.

How Restoration Companies Perform Water Damage Repair And Restoration

Water damage restoration companies train their staff to follow a specific water elimination process that is proven to be efficient and quick. When they reach your home they know exactly what needs to be done so there is not time lost in discussing and planning. Instead they get to work immediately after identifying the problem.

After removing all furniture and other waterlogged items including carpeting, insulation, casings and baseboards, restoration companies deploy dehumidifiers and air mover fans to hasten the drying. They evaluate the speed of drying and levels of moisture still remaining using moisture meters. If the moisture is above acceptable levels, they repeat the process and ensure that the environment is as moisture-free as possible. That’s not all. A good water damage repair company will go one step further and will clean up the space, do the necessary repair work and help you and your family get back to normal as soon as possible.  

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