How to Tell Your Sump Pump is Working

Sump pumps are an important device that you may have in your basement to prevent flooding and water damage.  Excess water is drained into the sump pit and then pumped away from the foundation of the home.  If you have had water damage and flooding in the past or you live in an area that […]

What to do After a Fire

Having a fire in your home is frightening, overwhelming and traumatizing.  Fires have the potential to spread incredibly quickly, causing immense damage to your property and belongings.  Even once the fire is put out, they can continue to do damage to anything inside.  Chemical reactions and the acidity of soot and smoke will eat away […]

Preventing Water Damage When on Vacation

Are you finally booking that month long vacation?  If so, there are some things you should do in order to prevent a potential disaster from occurring while you are away.  Water damage is very expensive and not all types of water damage will be covered by your insurance, especially if no one is in the […]

Mold in the Attic

It is very common to have mold growth in the attic.  Although it does not normally affect the indoor air quality of the house, it is not a problem that you want to have.  When you think of mold, you most likely associate it with health concerns but since air quality usually isn’t affected by […]

What to Do When You Have a Plumbing Emergency

Having a plumbing emergency can be a scary situation and can cause a lot of panic.  It is important to know what to do.  Gallons of water per minute can be poured out all over your floors and ceilings.  Being prepared for the situation can greatly reduce the amount of damage done while waiting for […]

How to Prevent Fire Damage

Your home is the centre point of your life.  It is where we enjoy time with family, eat, sleep, relax, keep our belongings and is full of precious memories.  Unfortunately, many elements in your home are susceptible to fire-related damage.  Fires can spread incredibly quickly and so it does not take much time for large […]