Water Damage Repair Company

Restoration Mate provides fast water damage repair service and reliable water damage restoration in Toronto and the surrounding GTA. We specialize in quickly removing water, drying the premises and cleaning up your home when it’s been invaded by leaking water. We utilize the latest technologically-advanced equipment and most effective structural drying techniques available.

We offer 24-hour emergency water damage repair service and pride ourselves in being available at any time of the day and night. Our professional  response team is fully equipped to handle any size water disaster. It’s important to remove the water and dry your home as quickly as possible to help keep damage to a minimum.

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We Negotiate With Your Insurance Company So You Don’t Have To

  • We will arrive on the scene first and meet with you to document all the damage.
  • We review your insurance policy to help them understand your coverage and what you are entitled to.
  • We will contact your insurance company to help you through the claim process and identify what you are entitled to when it comes to covered repairs.
  • We will meet with the insurance adjuster on-site to help identify all parts of the loss.
  • We will provide a detailed scope of work/invoice for emergency services and repairs.
  • We will negotiate with the insurance adjuster to help you get everything they are entitled to and have the full claim paid and covered by insurance (not including deductible).
You, the homeowner has the right to choose the contractor that you want to work with. Insurance companies may try to strong-arm you to use their contractor because it’s cheaper and to except all of their terms. You are allowed to work any contractor of your choosing and we can help to negotiate the terms that will benefit you the most.

Advanced Water Damage Restoration Technology

Water damage repair company have team of skilled technicians at Restoration Mate are all highly-trained and experienced when it comes to dealing with water damage restoration. Our ultimate goal is to restore your property to the same condition it was in before the incident. We can achieve this by implementing the most advanced techniques in the industry. This enables us to remove water and moisture as efficiently and quickly as we can.

The property is then dried with powerful specialized dehumidifiers. Once the moisture and water are gone we will then professionally clean the area with top-grade sanitizing products for your safety and comfort. Since each incident is unique when it comes to contamination and water level in the home it means each situation will be handled with the most effective and specific solution available.

The process includes a thermal imaging inspection and assessment of the damage followed by extraction of the water and moisture. The area is then dehumidified and dried before it’s completely cleaned up and fully restored.

Water Damage Repair Service

Water damage repair company is fully equipped to successfully deal with any possible kind of water damage restoration problem you may face. We assess each unique situation before repairing and restoring the areas that have been affected. If water damage isn’t treated quickly it could lead to further damage to your home as well as health risks.

Detailed Analysis

Each homeowner is presented with a detailed analysis of our assessment so they fully understand what caused the problem, how it can be rectified and how to prevent it from happening again in the future. The source of the leak will be identified and the proper methods will then be taken to repair it once and for all. We are also focused on making sure mold doesn’t begin to grow in your home due to the water damage restoration.